Commercial Collection Agencies of America

Elevating the standards of the commercial collection industry

Governance Structure

Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc shall operate in accordance with a set of by-laws created and agreed to by its Inaugural and Founding members. It shall have a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and a Board of Directors as defined in its by-laws. The initial Board shall be 2 persons and when the total Certified Agency membership reaches 30, the organization will add 1 additional board member and do so for every 10 additional Certified Agency members up to the maximum of eight. Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc through a specific appointed committee shall create and define its forwarding and receiving guidelines together with its grievance process.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc shall also have an independent Standards Board who will initially and annually thereafter set the required standards/elements for an agency to become or continue to be certified. The Standards Board shall be comprised of members of all facets of the accounts receivable management arena. The Standards Board as a group, by majority vote, may make changes to the groups or number of members from those groups based on industry changes.

The Standards Board of Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc. shall promulgate the criteria setting forth the requirements for becoming a certified member of Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc.  It shall send forth these recommendations to the certifying body.  A special panel and/or group will be utilized to review, approve and implement the Standards Board certification process. This method will be more stringent yet reflective of the previous process of the now dissolved CCAA.  

The Standards Board consists of up to fifteen (15) members. Those members are comprised of:

  • Three (3) members who have commercial collection agency experience
  • Three (3) members who are creditors’ rights collection attorneys with at least one having bankruptcy experience
  • One (1) member from the Association of Law List Publishers
  • Two (2) members who are credit managers, controllers or CFOs
  • One (1) member whose background is in public accounting
  • One (1) member whose background is business consulting and/or compliance and/or regulation
  • One (1) member who is from the Credit Research Foundation
  • One (1) Past Executive Director or Past President of the CCA of A

The immediate past Chair shall serve in an ex-officio capacity.

    The frequency and method of all future meetings shall be determined by the Standards Board. An initial agenda and any pertinent resource materials shall be delivered electronically in advance to the Standards Board members.

    Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc.

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