07. 08. 19

megscottyCommercial Collection Agencies of America is proud to announce the appointment of Ms. Meg Scotty to its independent Standards Board effective immediately. 

Scotty was instrumental in forming Commercial Collection Agencies of America in 2014 and served as its President from 2014-2018.

Scotty was unanimously approved by the Standards Board.   Manny Newburger of Barron & Newburger, P.C. and Standards Board Chair, noted, “I have had the privilege of working with Meg Scotty on industry issues for many years. Her wealth of knowledge and experience will be a tremendous asset to the Board.”

Bill Balduino, Standards Board Vice Chair and President of Credit Research Foundation, added, “As an Association, Commercial Collection Agencies of America is fortunate to be supported by some very incredible and highly knowledgeable resources.  I don’t believe there to be any more proficient than our past president – welcome to and happy to have you on the Standards Board.”

The esteemed Standards Board is charged with the creation, review and amendment of certification requirements which are met by each member agency to earn Commercial Collection Agencies of America’s Certificate of Accreditation and Compliance. 

Over the years, Scotty has gone from consulting to working for, and eventually purchasing the commercial collection agency, Brennan & Clark.  She has created a fun, focused, and purposeful organization.  She uses her creativity and passion for improving the status quo in just about everything to which she puts her attention. 

Along the way, her passion for the industry led her to be involved in the Commercial Collection Agency Association as a Board member and later she became Chair.  She then championed creating the Commercial Collection Agencies of America, where she was President, and now Past President.

When asked about her appointment, Scotty commented, “I am honored to join the Standards Board of Commercial Collection Agencies of America and look forward to working with this Board.”

“Meg has been a driving force to establish an Association which ensures that the credit industry is protected, and the collection industry is elevated.  Her dedication is admirable.  She will be an excellent addition to her peer group of esteemed Standards Board colleagues,” noted Annette M. Waggoner, Executive Director of Commercial Collection Agencies of America.

The Standards Board meets periodically and will have its next in-person meeting at the organization’s annual conference of agency members, affiliate members and guests in Delray Beach, Florida October 24-26, 2019. 

04. 23. 19

The attendance at Commercial Collection Agencies of America’s semi-annual spring meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana hit a new record, as the meeting attracted more members, guests, vendors, speakers and friends than any other semi-annual meeting in the Association’s past.

The plentiful educational sessions included: Collection Agency Licensing and Best Practices in the Eyes of Credit Practitioners, as well as Steps to Improve Data Security and Exploring Escheatment, which were offered by Independent Standards Board Chairman, Manuel Newburger. Through the Association’s alliance with NACARA-North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association, state regulators from four different states, as well as a representative from the Conference of State Bank Supervisors presented useful recommendations for properly preparing for a state regulatory audit, as well as using the NMLS.

Debuting at the New Orleans meeting, the Association’s newest initiative, Young Professionals in Collection (YPIC) presented, Networking, Selling Yourself & Building Your Own Brand. Four members of the seventeen (17) person initiative gave attendees an insight into the criticality of effective branding, as well as managing a firm’s social media presence, including how to navigate online reviews.

To complement the stellar education offered at each meeting, effective and unique networking is always an important component of Commercial Collection Agencies of America’s meetings. The New Orleans ballroom was packed for the session, Forwarders & Receivers, the hybrid education/networking time set aside for members to discuss solutions to day-to-day issues with effective peer dialogue.

Another highlight of the meeting was the famous networking event, the Triadic Tournament, which has become a staple at each conference. Teams are randomly selected and consist of members from the three business groups: commercial collection agencies, attorneys and law list publishers. Teams compete and, at the same time, get acquainted at a fun, social event. During this meeting’s Tournament, Casino Spectacular, member teams, donning different colored visors traveled together from casino game to casino game to “play the odds” and “beat the house”. An enjoyable time was had by all!

On Saturday, the Open Forum featured a review of the different types of compliance audits and also featured Dun & Bradstreet’s session on its new collection tool. Following the Open Forum, the Association discussed the organization’s business at the General Membership meeting, which included a vote to donate to the American Diabetes Association through the Association’s initiative, Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back.