Annual Meeting 2019

Commercial Collection Agencies of America recently held its annual meeting in Delray Beach, Florida.  The meeting was a great success, effectively combining education and networking for its members-certified commercial collection agencies, creditors’ rights attorneys and law list publishers-The Triad of Excellence



Early-arriving members were treated to an evening aboard a private yacht for dinner, dancing, music and the most beautiful sunset cruise along the Intercoastal.  And that was just the start!   

This year, the picturesque 50 Ocean, was the scene for a kick-off luncheon.  Colleagues caught up with one another while enjoying a delicious lunch with iconic views of the Atlantic.

Educational and networking sessions on Thursday afternoon started the meeting off with a bang!  The room was packed for Evolving Payment Trends presented by fellow Credit Research Foundation Platinum Partner, NACHA, followed by the ever-popular, Forwarders and Receivers, where members of the triad solved issues that arise in the profession.    

That evening, a warm and collegial vibe was felt by all attendees as each was welcomed at the Opening Reception and Dinner.  Members and guests enjoyed each other’s company in the beautiful oceanfront Delray Beach Marriott.  The annual Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back charitable donation was announced:  a portion of the meeting’s proceeds was earmarked for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

After a deluxe breakfast on Friday, a full day of educational sessions began.  The attendees learned how to Create Successful Business Relationships for Life, listened to the Top Tips from Credit Grantors and took copious notes as Operational Efficiency Techniques in a Law Office and Collection Agency were shared.  After a group luncheon in the afternoon, the Association’s, Young Professionals in Collections held an informative roundtable session on Obtaining & Retaining Good Employees, which offered insight on the results of a recently concluded Association study.  Many attendees found this session to be especially timely and effective.  Roundtables were also the format of the NACARA session (North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association) when state regulators delivered cogent advice to agency members to prepare for state examinations. 

So many new and innovative sessions were introduced at this year’s meeting!

Attendees participated in Anatomy of a Commercial Collection Case, a mock trial where Judge Dan Roll was joined by attendees playing litigants, witnesses, a bailiff and the audience who participated as the jury.   The session, which examined a complex collection case, was informative and instructional, as well as engaging for all! 

Also new this year was the individual clinic time arranged for members.  Agencies met one-on-one with the Association’s new strategic partner on licensing, Terri Goins, as she shared her valuable insight on the complex licensing landscape.  Attorneys met with Alexander Paykin, Esq.  to maximize efficiency in their law offices.  The line was out the door! 

An iconic part of each Commercial Collection Agencies of America meeting is the Triadic Tournament, which randomly teams up members of the triad in a creative networking event.  This year’s event was The Great CCA of A Cake Competition!  Teams donned colored aprons, chose unique and delicious ingredients, collaboratively toiled together to invent themes (based on collections, of course) and decorated two-layer cakes and colorful cake boxes.  The ingenuity was impressive!  The surprise finale-a cake-eating contest-featured one lucky team member from each team who ascended to a ten-person dais and attempted to devour the most of his/her team’s cake in ninety seconds.    Hilarity ensued and teams roared for their champions!  “Layers” of fun!

After dinner with colleagues on Friday evening, attendees met up at the annual Beach Party- the place to be for late night cocktails at one of Delray’s lively tropical settings.

After another delicious breakfast on Saturday, the members participated in the Open Forum for an exchange of novel ideas, industry trends and emerging issues.  The exceptionally well-attended session included an interactive conversation between members of the triad joined by Katie Keich, from the iA Institute, Inside Arm and Rob Lawson from Credit Today, who graciously shared their insights. 

After the meeting concluded on Saturday, members played golf, tennis and headed to the pool and beach with their colleagues and friends for an afternoon of rest and relaxation.  A group of members even braved the Atlantic Ocean and enjoyed an afternoon of fishing on a private charter. 

The Association is looking forward to its next meeting March 26-28, 2020 at the eclectic Argonaut in San Francisco.